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When should I have my racquet strung?

A lot of advanced players will break their strings frequently and need to have their racquets restrung. But if you don't break your strings regularly, when should you have your racquet restrung? The general rule is to string your racquet the same amount of times per year that you play tennis per week. The longer strings are in a racquet they gradually lose their tension and "liveliness".

Where do I drop my racquet off for restringing?

If you are a member at any of our clubs, please feel free to leave it with one of the pro's or any of the clubhouse court attendance. You can also make arrangements to drop it off with Bobby by emailing or calling (289-335-7080 or bobby@oakvilleacademyoftennis.com). Please be sure to leave a note with it specifying the type of string and tension you would like to have your racquet strung at. Recommendations can be made by the pro's depending on your game style and level of plays.

What type of strings do you have and what are the costs?

The Academy uses Head and Babolat strings. The types and costs are:


Babolat Synthetic Gut 16 String

A solid all-around synthetic gut offering a surprising range of playability for a solid core nylon string. The 16 gauge version offers more durability and control, but a slightly stiffer feel compared to the 17 gauge version. This is a great option for players who want decent all-around performance without breaking the bank. It's also a very economical way of softening up a poly hybrid.


Babolat Powergy 16 String

For players whose style is almost at the competitive level, who use standard or medium-size rackets and are looking for performance or resistance. Double wrap polyamid. Extra elasticity for more power: 18% better elasticity than conventional synthetic gut (single wrap). One of the benchmarks for competitive players because of its power and touch.


Head RIP Control 16 String

Head RIP Control 16 is a composite string, combining copolymer (nylon) fibers and polyolefin ribbons. The result is impressive dampening and surprising durability for such an arm-friendly ride. Offering a rare blend of comfort and control.


Head RIP Perfect Control String

PowerCore Tech uses 1100 uniquely braided PR fibers in combination with a soft, high-elastic co-polyolefine ribbon wrap. Provides excellent precision, increased power and added durability.


Head IntelliTour 16 String

Head IntelliTour 16 is a hybrid that combines two different versions of HEAD's Ribbon Improved Performance (RIP) strings: RIP Tour mains, with a thin center core and a slightly textured surface, and RIP Feel crosses, a very soft string with coreless ribbon construction. The result is a string that provides exceptional control and feel for players who generate their own power. The comfort is high for a control string. Strung at lower tensions, this is a great string for dampening the shock of stiffer frames.


Head FXP 16 String

A comfortable and responsive string that offers some nice ball pocketing qualities. Features three strands of FiberGEL in the core with polyester fibers and a polyamid wrap. A good choice for players seeking more durability than offered by most multifilaments, yet still want a string that offers control and feel.


Head Ultra Tour 16 String

HEAD Ultra Tour 16 is a monofilament copolymer/polyester mix string designed for durability with the benefit of a soft elastic feel. Perfect for power players, Head Ultra Tour 16 offers good spin, durability and control.


Head Sonic Pro 16 Strings

Made from uniquely refined co-polymer polyester with a soft molecular construction, Sonic Pro string offers excellent control and touch. Though polyester strings are stiffer, durable, and more control-oriented, Sonic Pro is soft-feeling and offers a livelier response.


Babolat Pro Hurricane Tour 16 String

Pro Hurricane Tour is big on control and spin. It's also quite firm, so it works best for intermediate to advanced baseliners with long, fast strokes. String breakers take note: this one offers excellent durability. The octagonal profile gives Pro Hurricane Tour great bite, while the coating allows the strings to snap back with greater force. The result is a heavy ball loaded with spin, especially for players who swing big. Topspin hitters noted that they could reach maximum swing speed because the spin brought the ball down so effectively. This is a great option for power baseliners who want the ultimate in spin, control, and durability.


Babolat RPM Blast 16 String

The string of choice for Rafael Nadal, Andy Roddick and Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, this durable co-poly string is very, very spin friendly. The slick surface of RPM Blast allows the main strings to slide out of alignment, grab the ball and then snap back to add spin to the shot. While all co-poly monofilaments do this to some extent, lab tests confirm that RPM Blast is exceptional in this regard. Though RPM Blast offers a slightly softer feel than traditional polyesters, it is by no means the softest co-poly available. It is an ideal choice for big hitters with heavier racquets seeking maximum control, durability, and spin.



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