Cedar Springs Health, Racquet and Sportsclub

Where is Cedar Springs Health, Racquet and Sportsclub located?

Cedar Springs Health Racquet and Sportscoub is located in Burlington, just south of the highway off Walkers Line.

How long has the Oakville Academy been offering indoor program at Cedar Springs Health, Racquet and Sportsclub and what programs are offered?

The Oakville Academy of Tennis has been operating an indoor Academy Program since 2000/2001 at the Cedar Springs Health Racquet and Sportsclub in Burlington. It has been an extension of our Summer Academy Competitive programs that are offered at Wallace Park and Bronte Tennis Clubs. However, over the past several years we have also begun to offer Junior Recreational Level programs as well as Adult Programs.

What and when are the Junior Recreational programs?

The recreatinal programs are for juniors who are not yet ready for the Competitive programs. It is suitable for players between the ages of 5-13yrs. who have limited tennis experience. The program is offered on Friday evenings from 5:30-7pm and Sunday afternoons from 3-4:30pm. There are two, eleven week sessions throughout the winter. If you are interested in signing up for this program please contact Natalie Armitage at natalie@oakvilleacademyoftennis.com.

When are the Academy's Competitive programs?

The Competitive programs in the winter consist of the Pee Wee Pro's, Junior Tournament Squad and Sr. Tournament Squad. These programs run each weekday and on Sundays. Particpants can attend as many as 1-5 days/week. The programs begin in September and run until the end of April. If you are interested in learning more about our year-round Academy, please contact Bobby Armitage at bobby@oakvilleacademyoftennis.com.

What Adult programs are offered?

The Academy offers a variety of programs for Adults that meet the needs of beginners right to advanced players.

1.0 – 2.0 Adult Lessons is aimed at teaching proper fundamentals, technique, footwork and positioning on the court. It is specifically geared toward beginners up to 2.0 level players that are looking to improve their game. Practices will include different feed ball drills that will focus on all aspects of the game including: ground strokes, volleys, serves and rallying.
Prepaid: $65 Pay as you play: $95 Non-Members: $135

3.5 Doubles Strategy Clinic is aimed at improving your positioning, shot selection and implementing more advanced doubles strategies. Practices will include drills to help you master various doubles strategies. These focused strategies will then be implemented into match play giving you an opportunity to transfer the drills into real point situations.
Prepaid: $95 Pay as you play: $140 Non-Members: $180

Tenfit isn’t your typical tennis lesson. This new program combines tennis practice with a vigorous cardio workout. Not only will you be working on your technique, you’ll be getting in shape while you’re doing it! Perfect for those looking to get fit, and those looking to add more fun and excitement to their ordinary workout routine. Get ready to break a sweat!
Prepaid: $65 Pay as you play: $95 Non-Members: $135


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