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We hope that eveyone has a safe and Happy Holiday!!!

Below is a copy of the Holiday Court Booking Schedule. Just to remind you of the rules.....

1) You may book as far in advance as you like, as long as it is on the day you normally attend.
2) If one of the days you attend falls on one of the days that the club is closed, you may book a different day as far in advance as you like.
3) You may book more than your usual number of days, however, any additional days can only be booked 24 hrs. in advance and as long as there is free space (please check back here regularly).
4) Students may book with a guest (parents or friends), however, if the courts are getting too full, the guest may not be able to attend (we would give you 24hrs. notice). If the courts are not completely full 24hrs. prior, that guest will no longer be removed in the event of people signing up just prior to court time (i.e. that guests spot is safe and others will be turned away).



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