About Us

What is our Mission Statement?

To promote and develop both junior and adult tennis from a grassroots level. To provide strong technical expertise with an individualized instructional approach, while stressing sportsmanship and life values. To enable each player to realize their potential as a person and athlete whether it be at a recreational, provincial, national or world class level.

How was the Academy formed?

The Academy was formed by Bobby and Natalie Armitage while working out of the Wallace Park and Bronte tennis clubs.Many of the seasonal junior members were becoming very committed and playing at a high level. Realizing that these juniors would need to play year-round to achieve their potential, the Academy was formed and a partnership with Cedar Springs Health, Racquet and Sportclub in Burlington was arranged to facilitate the indoor needs.With the success of both the Junior and Adult programming at the Summer Clubs, other local clubs were brought into the Academy's umbrella. All of the original members of the Academy went on to receive NCAA Division 1 athletic scholarships. In the years since, the Academy has produced both Provincial and National Champions as well as many more athletes receiving scholarships to the U.S.

What makes our Academy different?

Both Directors of the Academy (Bobby and Natalie) are still very much "hands on". Working as many as 7 days a week in the summerr and 6 days a week in the winter. Due to the unique nature of the Aacademy (players brought in organically, engaged directors, and very qualified staff) there has always been a very high retention rate. This enables the Academy to not only get to know the kids abilities and direct them appropriately, but there is also a very tight bond that is created between the staff and the players. The staff is equally focused on the off court development of its players as they are to the on court development.